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Business Products

Most business owners are surprised to learn about the variety of products available to them beyond a disability plan. Key employee plans, business overhead, and buy-sell agreements are all important products for business owners to be aware of in order to protect their business and finances now as well as in the future.  I would love to meet with you via zoom or in your office to discuss these types of coverage.


Key Employee / Executive Bonus - Here, the employer pays some portion of the premiums to fund a life insurance policy on the employee. This helps in a variety of ways: 

  • Enhances their compensation and benefits package

  • Assists with recruiting efforts and retention of the employee

  • Policy is owned by the employee  - can be retained at retirement or if leaving employment or providing a benefit to the beneficiaries upon their passing.


An overhead policy assists with expenses if the business owner were to become ill or disabled.  It assists with paying for rent/mortgage payments, utilities, supplies, and employee wages. 

The best part is the coverage periods can be customized and disability coverage can be added to these policies as well.

Need Business Funding? 

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