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Can Not Live Without Facebook edition

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Like it or not, Facebook, now Meta, is part of our lives and probably here to stay. Some people, including myself, use FB much more often for professional reasons rather than personal reasons. Seriously though, does anyone care about my daughter's rendition of Picasso's rooster? Probably not, but for business, it works. I often see questions on networking groups asking for guidance on what resources I utilize regularly. Here are a few Facebook groups that have helped me:

Small Business Moms - If you are a mom who is also trying to juggle running a business, this can be a great resource for you. This group is not meant as a sales or promotional tool, just a place where people can share their experience and insights and ask or answer questions. It is pretty embarrassing to admit, but I had never heard of Canva before asking about social media templates in the SBM group. I now probably use Canva at least once per week. The Small Business Moms FB group is more about providing resources than getting new clients. However, they do provide a membership where business owners can network and provide details on their services or products in case anyone in the group is interested. - I normally try to avoid cold email campaigns. This is where a prospective client, one who does not know you, is emailed regarding a promotion that the business owner thinks might be attractive to them. As a person who has built a business on referrals, the whole process feels exactly that - "cold." They are not my favorite. That being said, this website is a tool to help find email addresses for employees in a specific business. My favorite Facebook pages provide information, and’s FB page is great at that. Their page is a wealth of information about all things email including, introductions, signatures, length, etc. I like to use it as a reference if I am unsure how to get started on a campaign.

Canva - You probably knew this was coming, but really, this website is such an amazing resource. Not only do they provide an easy-to-use interface with a plethora of templates for creating content, but they also have webinars! I love that they really try to concentrate on the creativity side while making sure to always illustrate the technical parts as well.

Constant Contact - If you look at my previous blog entries “Resources,” you will see that I have recommended Constant Contact in the past and have used them myself for years. What I like about their FB page though, is that it concentrates on small business owners and their needs. Even if you do not use email marketing often, I think their points are applicable to other methods and can definitely be used in other types of campaigns.

Becoming a Blogger - Sometimes you just don’t know where to start or maybe you have an idea that needs some direction. Becoming a Blogger FB page is a great resource. I have found this page to be a very open forum where bloggers ask lots of different questions about resources and content ideas. It’s a page where people can brainstorm together. But besides the resources, I also find it fun and interesting to learn about what bloggers in industries very different from my own are finding successful, and what their pain points might be.

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