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Hurricane Evacuation Tips from a Health Insurance Broker

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

There is a lot of advice thrown our way during hurricane season. What to do, what not to do, and be mindful of a bunch of confusing things that are stressful and unknown. It can be overwhelming.

Here are my tips from a health insurance perspective:

  • Remember to have your insurance card in a place that's easy to remember for quick retrieval in an emergency. My family's cards are securely saved to my phone.

  • Download the telehealth services available on your health insurance plan and register with your insurance data ahead of time.

  • Evacuate with all medications and medical equipment necessary. Remember that your pets have needs as well. Consider a product such as PinPaws for inexpensive tracking if your pet is lost while you are away.

  • If your health insurance allows it, prefill medications ahead of time for convenience.

  • Communicate your plans with family and friends. Peace of mind about your and your loved ones' safety is crucial.

  • Consider health *especially* Covid restrictions visiting shelters and out of state. They can be markedly different from your experience at home.

  • If you have someone in your life you trust implicitly, share important details and documents with them. Then, if an unforeseen circumstance were to happen, and the information became crucial, you can still have access to it. Consider a product such as Lifeexec when sharing private information such as this.

Remember that preparation is KEY. Whether you're gone for a few days or a few weeks. Take the time to complete these steps and share them with others. If you need to use them, you'll be glad you did. During this 2022 hurricane season, I am praying for the safety of you and yours.

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