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New Year Resolution Recommendations from an Insurance Broker

You may be surprised that an insurance broker is going to provide some fun New Year's Resolution ideas, but let's expose ourselves to something new. No, you won't read about the same stuffy topics such as losing weight, staying organized, or how to set proper career goals here. Instead, I'm going to discuss common issues that I see each and every day with my existing and prospective clients. 1. Having no or insufficient life insurance coverage. If you are a parent or married, you need life insurance. Let's face it- losing a loved one is very stressful, in addition to the grief and loss that comes with his or her passing. Life insurance can help to lessen that burden- to have money already in place to handle burial, the mortgage, and every day needs like food, electricity, and gas that do not need to come from savings or the pressure to return to work too quickly. Remember that life insurance tends to be more expensive as we get older, so addressing your needs sooner rather than later can help with the application process and how much you end up paying for your coverage. 2. Creating or reviewing your will and estate planning needs. It is imperative that this be made a priority. Decisions like childcare, inheritance, and medical power of attorney should be carefully considered and written into a document for safekeeping. Many clients find that this process is much easier than they anticipated, so make 2023 the year that you create your will or revisit your existing will to be sure it is current. A few of the life insurance carriers that I work with offer complimentary will and estate planning services to clients with an active policy. Feel free to ask about these services.

3. Begin organizing your tax information and documentation early in the year. This will make tax season much easier and helps to avoid annoying extension filing fees. Carve out time in your schedule to address these needs and stick to them. Your CPA or tax professional will thank you for contacting them early in the season. A little planning and organization can go a long way. These may not be the most popular and sexy resolutions, but that is ok. Having things in order definitely helps when stressful situations arise. You will be glad you put the time and energy into these recommendations down the road. Start 2023 off on the right foot.

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