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Oldie but Goodie Health Insurance Advice

It is hard to believe that this article is over 5 years old now. But- here I am giving the same advice that I did back then. I have a series this month on Facebook and Tiktok with videos providing helpful hints to purchasing the right health insurance plan for your needs on each Monday of October. Those are probably more fun but the tips have not changed. Here are the cliff notes:

  • Check the provider network and formulary for your doctor and prescription drug needs.

  • Anticipate future events when possible- upcoming wedding, birth of a child, major surgery, etc. For example, if you are considering adding your future spouse to your coverage, you may want to anticipate his/her needs into your decision for coverage as well.

  • Consider nontraditional options if coverage and/or premiums are a concern.

So- something has changed from this article. I have way more wrinkles now- having a teenager will do that. Click to see the original article. Let me know what you think below. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

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